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We solve your paperwork problems.

Spend your time enjoying the sun, entertaining friends and dining on the local cuisine while we hassle with the paperwork. Avoid the all too common "wrong office, wrong number and wrong paperwork" mistakes that can take hours off your trip.

Let us expedite your travel so you can focus on what's important. Bringing a boat into Mexico, and no habla Español? Avoid the paperwork cha-cha, and let us do it for you.


Our Services

​Our Mexican Bilingual Staff is located in Ensenada, Baja California, MX. All working together along with the Port Captain Authority, Port Agents, Customs, Immigration, Banjercito and Shipping Companies to expedite TIPs, on/off loading, vessel paperwork, vessel/crew clearance, and customs paperwork.

Mexican TIPs

• New - Cancellation (Ok if missing paperwork)

Vessel + Crew Clearance

• Arrival - Papeles de Arribo

• Exit - Papeles de Salida "Zarpe"

• Offloads-Unloads

• Work with all Shipping Co

• Visas (FMM)

Broker Assistance

• Showings

• Viewings

• Sea trials

• Assistance with surveys

• Offshore deliveries


• Paperwork - Duty

Other Services

• Fishing Licenses and Annual Passport

• Captain’s Letter 

• Transportation to and from SD / Los 

   Angeles area

• Boat Maintenance or Repairs

• Guadalupe Valley Tours 

• Bufadora Tours

• Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Tours

Need a specific service not

mentioned here?

Simply inquire in our contact section  and we will do our very best to ensure your request is fulfilled. 

Our Servuces

Required Documents for Mexican TIPs

To bring you a fastest and efficient service on your permit we ask you to email us the required documents according to your application process. Know them by clicking the button below.

Our References
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"The Law Offices Paul Trusso"

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